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Leadership presentations – Keynotes that inspire, inform and support lasting change

What makes a leader inspirational? How do you acquire the skills and behaviors that get positive results through other people? In these inspiring, wide-ranging leadership presentations, New York Times bestselling author and leading executive coach Harrison Monarth will provide your high-potential managers with the knowledge they need to become trusted, confident leaders.

Harrison is a leader in the field of executive development. In many of America’s most prestigious companies he has personally coached CEOs, senior executives and high-potential managers on effective leadership and positive behavior change. His client list includes GE, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, Deutsche Bank, Standard & Poor’s, General Motors, MetLife, Northrop Grumman, PepsiCo, Hearst Magazines, The Nature Conservancy and Barclays Capital.

Here are some examples of the keynotes and presentations Harrison Monarth can deliver for your organization:

Strategic storytelling

Facts and figures don’t inspire. Stories do. Find out what makes them such a powerful influencing tool. Discover why every leader needs a wide repertoire of stories to build trust, engagement and results-driven collaboration across all organizational levels. In this talk, Harrison Monarth will reveal the secrets of genuinely persuasive business storytelling. You’ll leave with an arsenal of valuable techniques for delivering core messages clearly and powerfully for lasting impact.

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Emotional and social intelligence

The best leaders have one thing in common: a high degree of emotional and social intelligence. This illuminating talk will help you interpret, understand, connect and learn from your own and other people’s emotional states. You’ll find out how to acquire the key competencies of emotional and social intelligence that allow you to manage relationships, build a strong network and motivate others towards a passion for work that goes beyond money or status.

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Personal branding

Branding is no longer the sole territory of companies. Today, we all have a personal brand – perceptions created by our behaviors, our communication and the thousands of small and big decisions we make every day. The question is, are you in control of your personal brand? Or are you letting random behavior determine how others perceive you? In this talk, Harrison will explain how self-awareness and a clear personal branding strategy can project your true value to others without sacrificing authenticity. You’ll discover how to develop a truly authentic personal brand that stands out from the pack and yields positive results.

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The power of persuasion

In this talk, Harrison Monarth explains why great leadership isn’t a top-down proposition. Instead, the best leaders gain the trust and respect of those above and below them, and their sphere of influence spreads beyond the organization. Based on his acclaimed book, 360 Degrees of Influence, Harrison will provide key insights into the science of persuasion – valuable techniques that help leaders overcome resistance to change, strategies for building consensus and common purpose, practical guidance on how to shape what people are thinking and feeling.

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Executive Presence

Why do some leaders appear to achieve their goals with ease, while others struggle to get their voices heard? Harrison Monarth is a globally recognized authority on executive presence – a blend of core traits and competencies that signal mature confidence, motivational leadership and the social intelligence required to accomplish goals through others. You’ll leave this talk with valuable tools for developing gravitas and poise, the ability to keep calm under pressure, think on your feet, act decisively in a crisis and effortlessly persuade others to take positive action.

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