Expanding Leadership Potential and Effectiveness

Successful leaders need to grow and adapt to the challenges they face on a daily basis. Our workshops and coaching services help individuals master new insights, attitudes, skills and behaviors to improve on-the-job effectiveness.

The GuruMaker team brings a unique blend of experience in business, communications, neuroscience, organizational dynamics, linguistics, dramatic arts, and psychology to engagements. Always drawing on the latest research gathered from these varied fields, we work with individuals and organizations to address the following topics.

  • transitioning into new leadership roles
  • influencing people inside and outside the organization
  • developing executive presence
  • communicating for results
  • presenting ideas clearly and succinctly
  • getting stakeholder buy-in
  • improving interpersonal skills
  • increasing emotional and social intelligence
  • managing crucial relationships
  • developing a strong personal brand
  • owning leadership roles
  • sharing leadership/ delegation skills
  • developing mentoring skills
  • managing conflict
  • enlisting stakeholder support
  • feedback/difficult conversations
  • managing up/down
  • persuasion skills
  • mastering organizational dynamics
  • building strong teams
  • motivating teams toward a common purpose
  • adapting to change
  • meeting new business challenges
  • coaching

All of GuruMaker’s programs and services can be conducted for large groups, small teams, or one-on-one.

Executive Coaching

An experiential learning process focusing on feedback, reflection, guidance and accountability, Executive Coaching is personalized for the individual and issues involved. It offers a candid and supportive environment where leaders can confidently gain new insights, learn new skills and develop new behaviors.

Leadership Development

A company’s ability to continually grow and succeed is directly linked to the quality of its rising talent. Developing high-potential leaders provides assurance that the right people will be ready to address business challenges and opportunities as they arise. Leadership Development helps high-potential individuals fill skill gaps, become aware of blind spots, learn new behaviors and develop executive presence.

Effective Communication

From client pitches and board room presentations, to town-hall meetings and the hallway conversations that influence major decisions, the nuanced ability to communicate successfully with various audiences and stakeholders is a must-have skill for professionals and leaders at any level. Effective Communication gives clients persuasive and easy-to-implement strategies to use in writing, in a presentation, in conversation, in Q & A sessions, or any other public speaking situations.

Executive Presence

Recent surveys among hundreds of global senior executives confirm what people have known instinctively for centuries—that a perceived lack of executive presence can seriously impede leadership effectiveness and keep otherwise highly qualified individuals from advancing to more senior leadership positions. This high-impact workshop and coaching program will teach high-potential leaders and senior executives how to build gravitas, develop a strong personal brand and hone influencing skills to demonstrate leadership, build relationships and communicate for results.


As a basis for a well-informed coaching relationship and to help clients gain greater awareness of their strengths, potential blind spots, communication and leadership styles and areas for development, we offer a number of psychological and professional assessments  for individuals or entire organizational systems. The following diagnostic tools are offered as either part of an executive coaching engagement or independently as part of an organizational development initiative.

Harrison Monarth is a leading executive coach and featured speaker. He enjoys sharing his expertise with audiences large and small. Here are the topics and presentations he can deliver.


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