Sales Excellence

Build Relationships, Trust, Credibility and Rapport

feature-sales-excellenceSelling is not one skill, but many. Successful salespeople are diplomats, actors, mind-readers, and problem-solvers. They have an arsenal of techniques to draw from—to apply as circumstances demand. Those techniques have little to do with selling; they’re about building relationships. Trust, credibility, and rapport are the salesperson’s strongest weapons. They lie at the heart of every profitable long-term association. They are the bedrock upon which sales are made.

Sales excellence helps you master the skills that establish those qualities. You learn how to recognize the subtle signals, how to adapt to your prospect’s body language and verbal style, how to do business the way your prospect likes to do business. At GuruMaker you acquire the confidence and professionalism that invites people to see you as a partner and problem-solver. Our intensive hands-on coaching sessions arm you with powerful strategies to turn your next sales presentation, client meeting, or executive briefing into a resounding success. We give you the techniques to open doors, identify the decision makers, and turn prospects into clients and customers.

This program coaches you to:

  • Learn to research, write, and deliver a dynamic presentation
  • Match your presentation to your client’s needs and wants
  • Ask strategic questions that reveal true intentions
  • Use your presentation to differentiate you from the competition
  • Develop attention-getting presentation openings and persuasive closings
  • Adapt to the speech and body language of your prospect
  • Craft pithy messages that prospects remember
  • Anticipate and handle objections effectively
  • Exude confidence and personal magnetism
  • Convey credibility and professionalism
  • Establish rapport with your audience
  • Engage your audience through storytelling techniques
  • Utilize acting skills to reach into the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Know when and how to use humor

Programs are designed to fit your personal or organizational needs

1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops as well as one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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