Power of Persuasion

Sell Your Ideas by Instilling Trust, Believability, and Confidence

feature-power-persuasionPeople are naturally resistant to change. They’re reluctant to switch brands, accept new ideas, adapt to new ways of working, abandon old allegiances, follow a new policy, to drop outdated preconceptions, to see beyond the obvious.

Change can paralyze or cause resistance. But that doesn’t mean people are incapable of change. On the contrary, those who know which buttons to push always bring their audience around to their way of thinking. They possess the power of persuasion.

Persuasion is not just for the big event — the sales presentation, the political speech, the courtroom battle — it’s part of the day-to-day business of executives, attorneys, salespeople, politicians, and professionals of every kind. Their job is to convince their board, their team, their stockholders, their clients, and their public that their ideas and approach will bring benefits. Natural leaders are those who carry the world with them. In “The Power of Persuasion,” you learn how to instill trust, believability, and confidence in your audience. The program coaches your storytelling and body language skills. It helps you inject magnetism and charisma into your personality. It provides you with the strategies for winning hearts and minds.

The power of persuasion shows you how to:

  • Analyze your target audience
  • Identify and interpret the needs of others
  • Convey credibility through words and body language
  • Inject persuasiveness into your written and verbal messages
  • Demonstrate leadership in difficult times
  • Translate features into benefits
  • Use the personal flaws and weaknesses of others to your advantage
  • Create desire in those you wish to persuade
  • Develop a magnetic persona
  • Establish strong rapport with others
  • Develop listening skills
  • Use storytelling
  • Break down the emotional barriers that block communication
  • Learn to project
  • Uncover the true motives of others
  • Read and interpret other people’s body language
  • Bring people around to your way of thinking
  • Remember names with ease
  • Diffuse anger
  • Persuade without manipulating

Programs are designed to fit your personal or organizational needs

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