Presentation Skills for Executives

Craft and Deliver Messages that Resonate with Audiences

feature-presentation-skillsYour ability to present an idea, defend your course of action, handle tough questions, as well as engage and persuade audiences to follow your lead plays a large role in your success. We’ve all experienced a riveting presentation that stays in our mind long after the words have faded away. How much to you admire the skill, conviction and confidence of the speaker’s delivery?

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals draws from theater and performance to the latest scientific research on perception, values, belief-systems, and human behavior develop powerhouse presentation skills that enable you to craft and deliver messages that resonate. We coach you on shortcuts and techniques you can use to become a better presenter from day one. Video practice sessions help you master both substance and style.

Program topics may include:

  • Building confidence and projecting personal magnetism
  • Structuring presentations for maximum impact
  • Translating complex information into simple and powerful messages
  • Getting your major points across fast
  • Learning how to read an audience while you are speaking
  • Adjusting content and style to any audience
  • Presenting persuasively in pressure-cooker situations
  • Maintaining focus and thematic unity
  • Creating powerful openings and closings
  • Overcoming bad habits and minimizing nervousness
  • Establishing credibility and likability
  • Connecting emotionally and intellectually with an audience
  • Interacting effectively with PowerPoint or slides
  • Handling Q & A sessions with confidence
  • Mastering the “bridging technique” in answering questions
  • Mastering voice projection, inflection, and delivery
  • Using body language effectively
  • Knowing how and when to use humor
  • Controlling stage fright
  • Learning strategic storytelling structures that evoke emotion

Programs are designed to fit your personal or organizational needs

1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops as well as one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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