Creating Client Success Stories All Over the World

Our clients range from successful individuals who recognize the benefits of professional coaching to Fortune 500 companies who retain us to enhance the business performance and outcomes of senior executives, emerging leaders and high-potential managers.

We tailor our workshops and programs to meet the goals and development needs of the organization and participants.

Since 1999, we have worked with clients like these:

  • "Harrison and I worked together for over a year, and in that time I learned many new skills and approaches to management and leadership. Harrison is a very thoughtful and insightful coach who made a real difference to me in the approach to my career."

    Jonathan Reeve

    Executive Managing Director, Product & Content

    Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ

  • "Ascending to executive leadership comes with new challenges and responsibilities. Working with Harrison, he provided the perfect balance of instruction and support to help me achieve important goals and develop new skills."

    Joseph Gadaleta

    Chief Financial Officer

    Walkers Shortbread

  • "Thank you for leading and facilitating our Effective Communication workshop. It was extremely beneficial to our squadron, and we all had key takeaways that we can incorporate immediately. We even increased our briefing opportunities for more people in the squadron as a result of the things we learned in your workshop. Thanks for your help!"

    Lt. Col. Dan Santoro

    Squadron Commander, 29th Weapons Squadron

    U.S. Air Force

  • "Thank you, Harrison, for a valuable coaching experience. The knowledge and experience you and your team provided me with can't be put in words. I also want to let you know that the way the coaching was organized, and the references to materials and feedback you provided me, are highly reinforcing and incredibly motivating."

    Victor Shevtsov

    Supply Chain and Operations Strategy Vice-President

    PepsiCo Europe

  • "Harrison, the coaching you provided was amazing and will help me make an immediate impact in my career. Thanks so much."

    Cynthia Oaks

    Global ITIL Program Leader


  • "Harrison uses his proven coaching techniques to develop managers and combines this with a vast experience in improving individuals' leadership skills. He both listens to and advises his clients on the areas where they most need support. Based on my extremely positive experiences with Harrison, I asked him to coach my sister in preparation for the UK bar exam. She was equally delighted with the results."

    Samantha Coaster

    Director Internal Audit

    Hiltron Worldwide

  • "Excellent is the only way that the GuruMaker session can be described. My communication skills were evaluated and tactfully assessed for impact. I'm confident that all my future presentations will improve dramatically. Thanks again."

    Wendell L. Gordon

    Senior Manager, Ship Systems

    Northrop Grumman

  • "In a department that prides itself on its communication skills, you became the standard to match in public oratory."

    Ambassador Otto Reich

    U.S. Department of State

  • "Harrison not only writes about executive presence but brings it, and you, to life during his very interactive and fun-filled program. Be prepared to hear real truths. Most importantly, be open to the ideas."

    Norman Hunter

    Director, APJ Account Startup / Transition & Transformation


  • "Your seminar on 'Advocacy' for NASA program and project managers was one of the best I have seen in my professional experience.”

    Francis Hoban

    Program and Project Manager

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  • "You provided an excellent learning experience to the Department of Defense Executive Leadership Development Program. The advice on dealing with difficult groups, and the delivery techniques demonstrated, prepared participants for future briefings they will be required to present."

    Warren L. Banes, Jr.

    Acting Director, Executive Leadership Development Program

    U.S. Department of Defense

  • "The skills you helped instill were what I needed to ascend to the executive level. Thank you for your invaluable help."

    Stephen Smith


    Cisco Systems

  • "Harrison and the GuruMaker coaches have facilitated executive presence coaching and presentation skills as part of a leadership course for the past few years and continuously receive stellar feedback from participants. Harrison has designed the custom program to maximize the time learning and practicing techniques, while also reaching each individual with targeted feedback. Harrison is dedicated to delivering a high-quality program and genuinely supports every individual in their journey for improving their executive presence and presentation skills. It is a true pleasure to work with Harrison and the GuruMaker coaches."

    Sara Ley

    Curriculum Manager

    GE, Crotonville

  • "Thanks for putting on a wonderful Executive Presence workshop earlier this week! Those two days were inspiring, informative, intense (for a bunch of engineers, at least), uncomfortable and the list goes on. Hope to see you again sometime!"

    Dustin McCoy

    Director of Engineering

  • "The personal and professional qualities of Harrison Monarth, his charisma, his ability to share his knowledge as a leading consultant and as a human being, inspires, motivates and changes the lives of all those who listen to him. Thank you for joining us at Externado University!"

    Alba Martinez, PhD

    Program Director, School of Management

    Universidad Externado de Colombia

  • "The Executive Presence seminars, attended by senior operations leaders, were insightful, engaging and informative. Practical strategies and tactics to be a more respected and effective leader and to enhance communication were appreciated and embraced by the group. Concepts learned are being applied with positive results! Harrison teaches with words and informs by example."

    Terry Capuano

    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    Lehigh Valley Health Network

  • "Harrison, thank you again for the tips and guidance. Your program was the most useful I've attended in quite some time. Highly practical and delivered in a compelling and entertaining way."

    Michael Lotito

    VP of Engineering

    Lisi Aerospace

  • "Harrison, thank you so much for your powerful coaching methods. My recent meeting with the executive board and the other regional VPs was a resounding success, and I received precisely the reaction I was looking for. Thanks again for shaping my ability to present my message effectively."

    Robert Clift

    Director of Sales

    Cardinal Health

  • "I wanted to let you know that after my coaching sessions with you, I have been able to focus my talks around a clear objective, project my voice with passionate and sincere intonation, and speak persuasively around the audience's agenda vs. mine. I can honestly say that I've learned a whole new approach to making persuasive presentations. Thank you very much!"

    Kim Salm

    National Director, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Scientific Affairs

    Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

  • "Harrison’s program “Present to Win: High Impact Presentation That Get Results” is by far the best presentation coaching our company has ever received. It has changed our approach to sales presentations in fundamental and important ways. We were recently awarded a significant project which I believe was won on the strength of our presentation and the application of the training we received from Harrision. This is exactly what we asked for and he delivered. Thank you Harrison!"

    Matt Prince


    Riley Construction

  • "Your help to our entire 130-person company has been invaluable. You have greatly enhanced our presentation skills office-wide, and in so doing have touched the lives of many people in our company, making them more confident, more articulate and better employees. You have tamed our PowerPoint faux pas while drastically improving the quality of our brand and message. Thank you for making our entire company better! We look forward to working with you for many years to come."

    Adam A. Gross

    FAIA, Principal

    Ayers Saint Gross Architects and Planners

  • "Harrison—your insightful coaching methods helped our senior leadership team collaborate and overcome various challenges during a difficult transition period for our company. We can’t thank you enough!"


    Fortune 100 Corporation, Professional Services

  • "Not only were our conversations life-changing, you’ve helped me find ways to turn positive new behaviors into habits/leadership assets that benefit our entire organization. Thank you for everything!”


    Fortune 100 Corporation, Automotive Industry

  • "I’ve worked with executive coaches before, but the impact Harrison has had during my transition period as new CEO made all the difference. Thanks to Harrison and his strategic insights I was able to navigate the new culture successfully and get some important early wins under my belt. Your advice and guidance on managing the ELT allowed me to gain trust and credibility quickly to get buy-in on several new initiatives. I look forward to your counsel in the next phase."


    Fortune 500, Holding Company

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