Media Training

Confident and In Control When Dealing with Journalists

feature-mediaWhen you deal with the media, you can’t take anything for granted: they ambush, they blind-side, they ask questions you consider off-limits. You have to rely on your skills and your instincts to produce the sound bite that brings positive exposure for your message.

Everyone likes a good story. The job of the media is to find one. Your job is to provide one. But their idea of a good story and yours could be poles apart.

Whether you need to set the record straight or create awareness for your business, the key to coming out on top is rigorous preparation in a convincingly realistic environment. Our coaches put you in the hot seat to prepare you for taped interviews, live broadcasts, or other media events where thinking on your feet, relaxed confidence and a focused message counts. You learn by doing — on camera — by being grilled and roasted (and sometimes indulged) by our working journalists and actors who know the media business inside and out.

The benefit: You’ll walk away with your substance tested, your communication skills sharpened, and your confidence soaring for the moment you’re up against experienced journalists and network-level camera crews with a prime-time agenda.

Some of what you’ll learn includes how to:

  • Maintain your objective and stay on message
  • Tell a powerful story that resonates
  • Bridge from an interviewer’s question back to your message
  • Radiate confidence and convey credibility
  • Control stage fright and nervousness
  • Deliver highly quotable sound bites
  • Handle an adversarial interview
  • Turn negatives into positives
  • Identify and disarm loaded questions
  • Answer questions succinctly without rambling
  • Reinforce key message points

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