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The international bestselling guide—fully updated to put you on the fast-track to leadership excellence in today’s super-competitive world of business.

For more than a decade, this go-to guide has helped thousands of skilled, ambitious leaders take the leap from managing people well to driving innovative organizations. This new edition includes everything that has made Executive Presence a classic in the field of business leadership: straightforward, pragmatic coaching advice the author has shared with executives of organizations such as GE and MetLife to the U.S. Air Force and The Nature Conservancy. Plus, this updated edition comes with brand-new information and tools, including original chapters on:

  • Detecting blind spots and behaviors that impair your executive presence
  • Science-based emotion regulation strategies for maximizing your effectiveness in pressure situations
  • Proven ways of preventing your leadership strengths from turning into leadership liabilities

You’ll also get current social media-and other strategies for building a powerful presence among staff and partners of different generations, from boomers to millennials to young Gen Y professionals. You’ll learn the latest storytelling methods for accomplishing strategic goals. And you’ll find eye-opening discussions around the topic of status—an issue that has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Harness the power of these smart, field-proven strategies to build your Executive Presence—and live your life to its fullest potential.

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In today’s dog-eat-dog world where degrees from the finest schools, high cognitive abilities and superior technical skills are merely threshold competencies, it becomes increasingly important for career success to stand out from the pack and project a leader image that others look up to and want to follow. In this second edition of Harrison Monarth’s bestselling book Executive Presence, he shows leaders and those who want to be, step-by-step how to develop a strong personal brand that inspires and wields a positive influence. Packed with insights from leading neuroscientists on how to regulate emotions in pressure-cooker situations, to coaching advice on getting buy-in for one’s most ambitious ideas, to guidance on resolving conflict during difficult conversations and learning how to craft strategic stories that lead others to action, Executive Presence is a highly engaging read by one of today’s top executive coaches that should be on every leader’s desk.
Francesca Gino
Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School Behavioral Scientist, author, Rebel Talent and Sidetracked
Harrison Monarth’s sprightly new book, "Executive Presence" departs from the mainstream of self-help literature in 3 important ways: (1) it concerns how to get ahead in one’s career as opposed to learning how to feel better about oneself; (2) it is evidence-based as opposed to being based on personal intuition and experience; and (3) it focuses on improving how a person is perceived by others (i.e., improving a person’s reputation) as opposed to increasing self-understanding.
Dr. Robert Hogan
Chairman & President of Hogan Assessments
We live in a reputation economy. What you think of yourself is irrelevant compared to what other people think of you, and that is especially true if you want to be a leader. This book provides an authoritative guide to shaping how others see you and emerge as a leader. Don’t read it unless you want to be one!
Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group, Professor of Business Psychology, Columbia University, author, Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? The Talent Delusion Sidetracked
Executive Presence was a classic, a must-read for those wanting to expand their influence and position themselves as leaders. But this newly updated edition is even more useful. Incorporating provocative insights from the expanding field of neuroscience, Harrison Monarth offers readers proven practices for exerting influence and managing perceptions even as we act on our basic values and demonstrate confidence in our core strength. Highly specific and engaging, Monarth's new opus is the ideal coaching tool– whether you’re coaching others or yourself.
Sally Helgesen
author, How Women Rise (with Marshall Goldsmith), The Female Advantage, The Web of Inclusion, The Female Vision
Self-awareness is a foundational skill for any leader looking to develop a strong executive presence. Harrison’s book provides readers with actionable strategies to help them positively engage and influence organizational stakeholders at all levels. Whether you are a high potential manager or seasoned executive, this book is a must-read.
Dr. Tasha Eurich
New York Times bestselling author, Insight and Bankable Leadership
A significant part of successful leadership is the ability to project an image that conveys credibility and inspires people. In this must-read second edition of Executive Presence, Harrison breaks down the mystery behind this elusive concept. Chapter by chapter he shares the specific behaviors, skills and characteristics that help aspiring executives and leaders at all levels stand out from their equally smart peers and gain influence far beyond their formal authority. Best of all, Harrison’s expert coaching shows that anyone with a desire to succeed can build executive presence, no matter where they start.
Dorie Clark
author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

About the Author

Harrison Monarth is one of today's most sought-after leadership development and executive coaches, helping CEOs, senior executives, managers, and high-potential employees develop critical leadership skills and increase their interpersonal effectiveness and ability to influence others. He has personally coached leaders from major organizations in financial services, technology, medical, legal, hospitality and consumer industries, as well as those in start-ups, nonprofits, and politics. View Full Bio

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