General Motors

General MotorsExecutive Coaching Boosts Emotional Intelligence

A senior executive at GM was in line for a major promotion. A 360-degree evaluation contained praise for his knowledge of and passion for the industry, strategic vision and integrity.

However, many comments indicated concern about his “emotional intelligence”. To be successful in his new role, the general consensus was he needed to understand that his actions and emotions will take on a much different meaning. He needed to watch how he communicated – both verbally as well as through body language.

In many instances, when he was unhappy or displeased, the executive could appear remote. While not his intention, others found this behavior intimidating and preferred not to speak up. He needed be more open when someone had a different view.

GuruMaker was retained for a year-long coaching engagement to help the executive develop a firm grasp of both his strengths and developmental needs. Sessions focused on learning how to:

  • Become aware of and control negative body language
  • Project warmth and strength
  • Practice empathy
  • Listen more attentively

After the coaching engagement, another 360-degree evaluation was conducted. Feedback showed great progress and the individual was now seen as:

  • Less emotional
  • A better listener
  • More open to different perspectives
  • More approachable

As this executive considered his future career path, he gained new enthusiasm for how to use his leadership as a catalyst for change.