Executive Coaching Process

One-on-one Personalized Learning

GuruMaker Executive Coaching employs a process that is individualized to maximze sustainable behavioral change.

1. Initial Discovery

Introductions and ground rules
Frame engagement with sponsor, coachee and HR
Determine desired outcomes and measures of success
Identify learning opportunities and venues


2. Personal Assessment

Discuss career history
Review performance and 360-degree report
Interview managers, direct reports, peers and others as needed
Administer relevant assessments (optional)


3. Initial Feedback

Prepare initial personal coaching report
Review feedback from others
Finalize a personal scorecard and other metrics


4. Coaching

Goal-setting, action-planning and monthly coaching with informal check-in calls as needed
Mid-point discussion with sponsor and HR


5. Measure Results

Survey stakeholders to judge performance versus scorecard

Exit interview with coachee, sponsor and HR

Coachee provides a summary of their coaching experience – lessons learned, what went well, what could have gone better, what to do next

Coachee presents the ROI on the coaching engagement

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