Strategic Storytelling for Executives

Connect Emotionally with Your Audience to Inspire and Motivate

feature-storytellingA story does what facts and statistics never can: it inspires and it motivates. That’s why expert storytellers are such effective communicators. They translate complex ideas into practical examples, and they know how to make emotional connections with their audience. Their message gets through because everyone can relate to a good story.

In “Storytelling for Executives,” we explore the role of strategic storytelling in modern organizations. Effective leaders know which story structures promote the sharing and creation of knowledge, which stories help establish trust and rapport and which stories inspire collaborative behaviors. They also know what type of story serves as a powerful teaching tool. Together, we analyze the components of these various key stories and teach you how to apply them to any audience and situation. Above all, you learn how to weave emotion and personality into the fabric of your tale. Because that’s how you turn it from your story into your audience’s story.

Whether you want to share compelling new ideas, spark action, change minds, illustrate values, put data in context, shape attitudes or tactfully deliver bad news and contrarian perspectives, Storytelling for Executives is the high-impact program that helps participants from business, politics and the professions develop their own strategic storytelling capabilities to meet any goal. 

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Use storytelling as an essential leadership skill
  • Develop powerful story-templates around their own material and ideas, using various essential components and structures of effective storytelling.
  • Match key stories to the audience’s needs and situation, weaving in narrative and emotional ingredients – including humor, where appropriate – that help build a deeper connection.
  • Overcome resistance to change and other communication barriers that block progress
  • Incorporate articulation, inflection, pauses, movement, and gestures to maintain audience interest and attention.
  • Develop a relaxed confidence under the spotlight and foster an environment that unleashes creativity.

Programs are designed to fit your personal or organizational needs

1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops as well as one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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