Building Investor Relations Through Communication Skills

Build Credibility in the Market and Inspire Loyalty among Your Investors

feature-investor-relationsNo community is more critical, analytical, or hungry for information than the stock market. Investors are constantly on the look-out for clues. A careless remark can send stock prices tumbling, whereas a well-executed communications strategy builds long-term stability and confidence in corporate leadership.

Within that strategy, CEOs and other executives responsible for developing investor relations must move swiftly and easily between annual meetings, press conferences, analyst briefings, and informal discussions. The various audiences—financial institutions, personal investors, advisers, analysts, and media pundits—demand different communications techniques and different presentational styles. Mastery of those audiences gives the broader financial community a picture of a single, coherent organization that is dynamic yet dependable.

GuruMaker gives you the tools to take control of your various investor audiences. Through a mixture of lectures, discussions, and adrenalin-pumping practical exercises, we coach quick-thinking, personal magnetism, and professional credibility. Our team includes former Wall Street analysts and press-corps veterans. They know the questions that stretch corporate nerves to the limit; you acquire the skills to maintain control while delivering your points with strength and clarity.

Feedback from these private coaching sessions is your primary learning tool. Only repeated rehearsals can prepare you for the glare of studio lights. By replaying and discussing the results, you acquire the confidence and the conviction to use the media to tell your story. And the storytelling skills that draw smaller audiences into your confidence are also best learned through practice and analysis.

GuruMaker team members will give you the skills and the confidence to:

  • Build long-term investor confidence and trust
  • Represent your organization to analysts, brokers and key investors
  • Cultivate positive relationships with the financial media
  • Manage gaps between shareholder expectations and corporate performance
  • Lead successful presentations to investor groups
  • Establish rapport with the analyst community
  • Tell your corporate story convincingly before the most demanding audiences
  • Generate positive responses towards strategic moves such as acquisitions and rebranding exercises
  • Establish and protect your credibility
  • Excel in Q&A sessions
  • Focus on your audience and its unique interests
  • Define your message objectives
  • Deliver a compelling call to action
  • Develop leading-edge investor communication strategies
  • Sell your vision to the investment community
  • Develop outstanding interpersonal communication skills
  • Convey believability and trust when speaking to the media

Programs are designed to fit your personal or organizational needs

1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops as well as one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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