The Confident Speaker

The Confident Speaker
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The Confident Speaker
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The moment you’ve dreaded is here. The murmur is slowly dying down as seats are taken, voices become hushed, and one pair of eyes after another begins to focus on you. Some faces are smiling in expectation, while others stare blankly at you, waiting for the show to start. You feel your throat closing, your heart pounding out of your chest, and your tongue drying up in your mouth.

You try to smile, but your face feels as if it’s paralyzed. Your rehearsed opening statement seems to have vanished from your memory, and all you can focus on is the feeling of panic that once again has taken complete control over your body and mind.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

The stories and techniques prescribed in this New York Times bestselling book have helped many thousands of people globally overcome their fear of public speaking, and present ideas and proposals with confidence and clarity.

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Praise and Endorsements for The Confident Speaker

Fear of snakes makes sense. After all, snakes bite! On the other hand, fear of public speaking is worth overcoming. This book is an excellent place to start.

Seth Godin
Bestselling author of Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside

Your ability to speak confidently on your feet will impress more people and open more doors than you can imagine. The Confident Speaker shows you how.

Brian Tracy
Bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling

Eureka! This book is exactly what every beginning speaker needs.

Dottie Walters, CSP
Bestselling author of Speak and Grow Rich

When we speak in public, we convey our knowledge, our interest in others, and our value. Now, thanks to Monarth and Kase, their book The Confident Speaker opens that door to successful public speaking.

Susan RoAne
Bestselling author of How To Work A Room(R)

Speaking before a group stresses many otherwise capable people, and as a result their anxiety cripples their careers. Monarth and Kase offer the antidote in their highly readable book.

Dianna Booher
Bestselling author of Speak with Confidence and Communicate with Confidence

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