Ayers Saint Gross

Ayers Saint GossCoaching for Persuasive Team Presentation Helps Win $90 Million Contract

Ayers Saint Gross, a 100-year-old design firm with a staff of over 130 people, has provided architectural services to many leading universities, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The firm’s academic projects range from master plans for entire campuses to classroom buildings, labs, performing arts centers and business schools.

Large-scale architectural projects are not always awarded on the merit of the design. The final interview often can make or break the selection process.

Since 2008, GuruMaker has worked with the firm to help them hone their communication skills. Work has focused on strategic storytelling, persuasive presentations, message development and sales pitches. Coaching preparation has covered such topics as:

  • Structuring presentations for maximum impact
  • Using body language and vocal tonality effectively
  • Adjusting content and style to diverse audiences
  • Maintaining focus and thematic unity
  • Creating powerful openings and closings
  • Establishing credibility and likability
  • Handling Q & A sessions with confidence

Ayers Saint Gross often asks GuruMaker to help them prepare for team presentations when the firm is a finalist for a large-scale project. Among those Ayers Saint Gross has been awarded is the design of a $90M law school at the University of Baltimore.